Many Babies of Abby and Deandre Mackey

Being a ladies-man has its perks. Deandre rose to the top ranks of journalism, after he published all the positive stories on Midnight Hollow’s inhabitants, because his articles brought plenty of attention to the businesses of the wealthy and influential. Abby started her organic coffee garden after she invested in some expensive beans, and auctioned her red coffee to rebellious hipsters for way too much money, which ensured her success in the farming industry (because hipsters eat up overpriced goods), making her the go-to supplier for coffee shops, earning her tons of simoleons!

Abby and Deandre were finally able to establish their huge family that her husband always dreamed of. It was time to get to work! All that money doesn’t make babies 😉

Influenced by her clientele, Abby picked up an avant-garde trait, and adjusted her wardrobe.. Err..? Accordingly? Anyhow somewhere in the closet there must’ve been twins, because soon enough Abby became pregnant and (after having WALKED all the way to the hospital after her husband took the car to get there himself t.t) a beautiful, generic pair of twins was born! They are Rozalina and Steven. Rozalina is of a special interest to me, as she is the only baby girl they have, among 5 of their offspring, and I like to dress up my Sims, so I will end up playing that Sim the most :).

Abby’s accomplishments have been acknowledged by the government. She does make some strong coffee even the political leaders love.

Since her early years, Rozalina loved to write, and her dad published her book Dim Sum Colada!

^Rozalina and Deandre really wanted to play in the ocean together, even though it was raining outside. That’s totally normal in Midnight Hollow.

The Mackey children are very inquisitive about the Supernaturals, so Abby took them to research the archives and instead of sparking fear into the young ones’ hearts, she developed an interest in vampires…


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