The Sims 4 Easter Eggs in Into The Future Expansion

The Sims 4 Easter eggs can be found in Into The Future once your Sim reaches level 10 in the Advanced Technology skill. You can make use of “Dream About… The Sims 4” interaction on their modern bed 🙂 These are the drean bubbles which come up whenever your Sim is having a good dream!

  *Dreams about Violin, a Drink, Rocket, Boxing Gloves, Voodoo Doll and an Astronaut.
PLUS! Some screenshots of The Sims 3 Into The Future!

^Unicorn Fertilizer or Rainbow Dig Spots

^Jetpack ghost

^Very much like Dragon Balls! Requires the last recipe on your food synthesizer!

^Robot Mode activated!

^It’s all good until they start strutting!


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