Purplesnaut Mansion

Purplesnaut Mansion – 3Bed,4Bt

Originally built on 51 Breach Bend in MH, this magic house will turn you into a supernatural junkie. Furnished for big social gatherings, magic research, and a closet explorer (yes the closet has a magic portal and everything is unbreakable), you will be in for a treat. CC free, by DivaOfDarkness.

See my Purplesnaut slideshow for more photos!


4 thoughts on “Purplesnaut Mansion

  1. LifeJunkie says:

    Hey, I love this house so much. I squeeled when I saw it. I have a purple-loving vampire in Midnight Hollow, that needs a bigger house and this is perfection. One question, though. What dining room furniture have you used? Because it doesn’t show up in my game.

    • missleopard says:

      Looking at the slideshow (4th photo http://www.photosnack.com/76BBD9F569B/ptm01wb6) I see it’s mostly Midnight Hollow’s furniture – the ones that come with the town (see The Sims 3 Store for ITEMS’ list here: http://store.thesims3.com/midnighthollow.html?categoryId=12642 ), some Supernatural and I believe the leather chairs next to the sofa are from university. I remember making this house and the chairs from Pets look fairly similar. Hope it helps!

      • LifeJunkie says:

        I found them. It’s this weird thing my game does, where it replaces furniture I own in houses I download. I have the items in my game, but they get replaced. No idea why. So I had to go all through the house and replace everything. Like the toddler walker and playpen got replaced by the bright toy chest. Very annoying. Oh well, it’s a good way to get to know the house :). Thank you.

      • missleopard says:

        Sorry you have that (odd) problem, but I’m glad I helped you out 😀

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