TS3 Movie Stuff – How to make a hero Sim?

With the new The Sims 3 Movie Stuff we will get a whole bunch of cartoonish and stereotypical (probably) costumes for our heroes and villains. We all probably know about the 3 different themes they are advertising in this stuff pack…

But how does one actually go about making a valid superhero with powers and the right personality?
Beyond Sims Screenshot

My Personal Recipe for a Superhero/villain:
-superhero costume (duh)
-Witch lifestate (gotta have some powers baby!)
-martial arts skill
-evil or mean (gotta love beating up on the other faction)
-brave (because you’re going to save that family)

Witch’s powers would enable spell duels, especially if witches would have purchased the lifetime reward which allows them to cast spells wand-free. Martial arts would be handy to learn if your hero will be an “melee fighter”. I would start a game with 2 warring lifestates; heroes would be witches and villains might be werewolves, and use testingcheatsenabled true to customize the factions’ personalities and clothes.

I think that a firefighter would be an interesting career to join, if your Sim were to be dress up as a hero, wouldn’t it?


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