Mia Shroom – Mushroom Fairy

Username/ Nickname: DivaOfDarkness

Fairy Name: Mia Shroom  (CC free by DivaOfDarkness)

Supernatural Fan – Always being different from her little friends she wondered if it was only her. Having entered the city she saw nearly every creature from the gnome stories! How fascinating, and dangerous!
Green Thumb – Mia heard gnome stories of giants and their “gardens” where plants are cared for and protected. She thinks it’s a wonderful thought. If only she knew that there is more to it… She loves the forest and it’s fruits.
Childish – Growing up with gnomes makes you a gnome. Unless you’re not a gnome. Then you have a problem, because you can’t play games all the time, can you now?
Brooding – Why did her mother abandon her, and who was that mysterious, handsome stranger? Mia has a lot of questions about her past and growing up, can’t blame her.
Socially Awkward – Mia is still learning the customs of Sims and doesn’t always choose the right words to describe what she feels. She means well, but sometimes Sims take what she says the wrong way. After all, they’re no gnomes.


Born under a mushroom, adopted by garden gnomes, Mia learned a thing or two about gardening… In theory. She spent most of her time playing games in the forest, but one day her “family” was gone.
Mia searched under every mushroom and in every hollow tree, hoping to find the gnomes which raised her from a baby. Once it got dark she found a glowing light, and followed it. The little bug turned into a handsome fairy, another winged giant (compared to the gnomes of course), who took her hand, leading her out of the forest and towards a bunch of oddly shaped rocks and wooden structures with lights, connected by smooth, stone paths. Mesmerized, she didn’t notice the mysterious stranger letting go of her hand and shrinking back to the size of a firefly. When she turned around, he was gone.
Now Mia is left all alone, hungry and tired, facing the city and its inhabitants. She is still learning Simlish and from time to time makes a mistake or two, but her childish curiosity pushes her forward into the current of the Supernatural. Are there many others like her?

Pictures: See more photos in a fullscreen slideshow!

Exchange Link: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=7443929


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