The Sims 4 at Gamescom

During the last live chat of The Sims 3 team, the fans heard an announcement stating that The Sims 4 will be available as a demo during Gamescom 2013 in Cologne.

Here are Gamescom dates & opening times!

Note that August 22 is when public visitors will be allowed to enter, and the 21st is exclusive for trade visitors and media. I hope for an early announcement before the demo of the game will be presented to the public, because the press and major fansites might get their hands on the first look of the game on the 21st of August 2013.

Ah! It finally feels that The Sims 3 is coming to an end. I wonder if those new Sims will be smarter and better looking. Will I finally be able to place pillows on my couches and open the door to my car?


One thought on “The Sims 4 at Gamescom

  1. Jackie says:

    With the large following that SimCity has, the Gamescorn demo will definitely experience a high turn out. However, if you are a big Sims 4 fan and won’t be able to make it for the Gamescorn demo, fret not. It is very likely you will find live footage of this event online.

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