New Spanish Island Paradise Resort Build!

With the winter in full bloom I find myself escaping into the imaginary tropics of Diver’s Den.

Placed on a desolate mermaid island Diver’s Den Resort is a 5 star getaway that you can own, or visit! (No CC)

Diver's Den Resort Island Paradise

To add to your game:

download from mediafire (link provided below) place the resort file in C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads, and double click to install.
Media Fire Resort Download Link


My The Sims 4 Blog

DivaOfDarkness – The Sims 4 Blog

I moved to a new state and unpacked my belongings. I am at my new apartment now, and ready to play The Sims 4!

I am now ready to sit down and play some computer games again, so I will start updating my new The Sims 4 blog.

I see myself playing The Sims 4 more than The Sims 3, so this blog will not be providing You with many new posts. Hey! You are welcome to check out what I’ve done with the new place!

The Sims 4 DivaOfDarkness

I am excited for the 4th installment of The Sims! I have already experienced less bugs than than ever in The Sims 3, and the game lags less, and they brought back the super-ultra speed for when your Sims are all asleep. The time on the clock in the game flies by, and before I know it I am playing again, with my Sims awake and ready for the new day. If it took five minutes in The Sims 3, it takes me now less than one minute, to speed through the night with my household sleeping.

I do not lose saves anymore, as compared to TS3, which was a big no-no. I don’t experience random crashes either.

I have the Origin digital deluxe edition. I have not yet used the digital content just yet…

Overall I am very happy with how the game plays and I will be writing about my early experiences with The Sims 4 on DivaOfDarkness The Sims 4 blog!

TS4: Gameplay Footage (August 26th); Cute, low-end TV!

penguin tv

Ok now, this penguin TV is CUTE!

During the recent live broadcast by The Sims 4 team (August 26th), we saw build and buy mode.

Twenty nine minutes into the live stream (originally at ), and a staircase is being sculpted, a new TV placed on the wall with its height adjusted, and when I look down at the buy mode catalog section of TVs, I see this adorable thing!

So I just had to say something about it! Cuteness overload. I love starting my games in poor houses, so this is going to make the low-end living adorable!

The tough times of poverty, which is what each and every of my Sims experiences at the beginning of my games (I don’t use motherlode $$$), make for the most challenging and memorable gameplay experiences!


Thanks to awesome SimsVIP, you can watch the live stream on youtube in high def!

Elusive Azalea – 4Bedroom, 4Bathroom House

CC free by DivaOfDarkness. Elusive Azalea will provide enough living space with 3 single beds, 2 double beds (master bed and bath included), and a nursery for 1 baby. This house has a nice pond (no spawners), and is fit for a dog or two.


TS3: Alien Vendetta

I have a male human Sim (Edvan) with commitment issues, who met a male alien. I was waiting for him to find his true love, when I felt a sudden urge to mess up his life.

Edvin Oss The Sims 3 Aurora Skies

Edvin Oss and Peidax Shoukepoj. Never putting “Plus One” on a party invite again!

I though “Oh, cool! Alien woohoo!”, so after they really hit it off (only took a few in-game hours) they tried to pay a visit to the infamous, woohoo closet of Edvan.

“No!” There was no Try for Baby! I thought I could make male Sims pregnant with the “use” (*insert giggle here*) of a male alien. Nope! Only female/male interaction can produce a baby. They traveled into the future, and even then, I could not just engineer the baby.

What was I thinking? All those alien abductions, all of them done incognito, got me all confused!


*Fast forward

Edvan Oss moved in with a woman, who had a step-daughter, whose father was an older gentleman, who coincidentally, happened to testingcheatsenabled true… DIE at my doorstep ^^!

And they lived happily ever after.

Now Edvan has 2 daughters and 1 son. Edvan also can’t marry, because he’s glitched. He is still friends with that Peidax, alien ex of his…

It is now just before Edvan ages up to an elder, and his step-daughter who was always overlooked and kicked out of the house (I did it asap to make more space for babies for the mother’s lifetime wish), changed my family tree.

She is now seen dating Peidax.


wtf peidax

Her step-father’s ex????

Nraas progression is awesome!

Edvin Oss drinking sorrow away

Edvin Oss – Just drinking the sorrow away.